Live music event a roaring success

March 28, 2013 by  

A live music festival that was recently held in Dunfermline has been hailed as a massive success after bringing over £300,000 of economic value to the region.

Over 4,000 people recently flocked to events in 20 venues around the town for ‘Dunfermline Live’ at the end of last year. The local authorities recently revealed that the event brought essential money into the area, with each visitor spending around £66 on average; giving the economy of the region a real boost.

Callum Miller is the chairman of events for Dunfermline Delivers, the organisation behind the event. He commented on the success of the festival, saying:

“We are absolutely delighted the festival is making such an impact after only two years in existence. Going forward, if we can encourage the local authorities to back our progressive plans, we feel within five years we can have a festival to rival that of another city in Scotland. This is a fantastic start and I see the ‘Dunfermline Live’ concept as one that can grow to being one of the mainstays in the Scottish music scene over the next few years.”

Live music events and festivals have traditionally been promoted using poster and flyer printing, and Dunfermline Live was no exception. Eye-catching posters and leaflets were distributed around the town and this, combined with online marketing support, saw visitors flocking to the festival.

Plans are already under way for the next Dunfermline Live event and details about this year’s line-up will be revealed nearer to the date of the event. More information can be found on the Dunfermline Live website.