Exhibition weaves a story of Dunfermline

May 8, 2017 by  

An exhibition that is due to open in Dunfermline later this month and which will feature a restored handloom dating back to the 19th century is set to weave the history of the town.

The loom reflects Dunfermline’s historical status among Europe’s primary linen producers, and it was constructed in 1835. Back then, the town had 3,500 working handlooms and the one that will be put on show – called the Meldrum Loom – was used for the weaving of high grade damask linens by the family of the same name.

The exhibition is being held at the brand new Carnegie Library and Galleries and its Display, Design and Activities curator, Lesley Botten, told the Dunfermline Press that the venue was thrilled to have the loom available for display.

She went on to state that Ian Dale, the master weaver, had been assisted by a volunteer team when it came to the restoration of the loom – which proved to be a lengthy task, adding:

“I suspect many visitors will be unaware of Dunfermline’s remarkable past as Scotland’s premier linen town and the Meldrum Loom will certainly help to change that and bring our history to life.”

The museum and exhibition will both be opening on 18th May and places that offer postcard printing are often used by those running local museums, so that visitors have the option of buying souvenirs.