Ex-print works set to reopen as fish factory

June 24, 2011 by  

An old Print company in printing printing services printing house that closed its doors five years ago is ready to reopen as a fish factory.

The ex-Lexmark building, located, in Rosyth near Print company in Dunfermline printing services Dunfermline has been earmarked to play host to Norwegian smoked salmon specialists, Morpol. The reopening of the building has given local residents hopes for the creation of more new jobs. Morpol currently employs over 3,000 people throughout the world as part of its fishing and processing business. When the US printing firm Lexmark closed its doors, almost 700 employees were left jobless, so there is definitely the appetite for new jobs to be created by Morpol.

Despite the US Print company in printing company printing services printing company closing its doors, local Print company in printing companies in Dunfermline printing services printing companies in Dunfermline and the surrounding areas have sprung up and carved a niche in the market for providing high quality services such as Print company in full colour printing printing services full colour printing to Dunfermline companies. Smaller printing firms can offer a more bespoke, tailored solution than can be delivered by printing giants and many local businesses prefer to work this way.

Douglas Chapman, the SNP Councillor for Rosyth recently spoke to the Dunfermline Press newspaper and said:

“It will be great to see the former Lexmark factory buzzing with activity and creating jobs once more.”

The fact that these jobs are in fish preparation and not in printing does not worry local authorities as they are happy to see the building back in use and the local printing industry seems to have redistributed itself to be able to thrive in a new way.