Dunfermline warned to better retail game

November 29, 2011 by  

Dunfermline has received a stark warning that it needs to up its retail game if it is to survive and to compete with neighbouring towns, a recent report has revealed.

A report on the state of retail in Dunfermline town centre has shown that the town currently has double the amount of charity shops as nearby Livingston. The report also revealed that Perth, Falkirk and Stirling all surpass Dunfermline in terms of retail and entertainment amenities.

Whilst this report may seem negative, it actually looks set to act as a positive wakeup call for local businesses in Dunfermline. There are a number of new programmes being developed to help businesses in the Fife region to flourish and expand and to help improve the local economy.

Local residents and businesses can help boost the region’s economy by shopping local and opting to use companies based in the area rather than online companies. For example, by using local print shops in Dunfermline, people will be helping to keep local businesses thriving.

The chief executive of Dunfermline Delivers, a local business initiative, commented on the report, saying:

“We need to ensure that we don’t get left behind and this means finding new reasons for consumers and visitors to come into Dunfermline. A strong retail mix, organising new and attractive events, more flexible opening hours, a safe environment, fantastic service and a vibrant night-time economy are all central to our future prosperity.”

In tough economic times, it is important that local businesses get the support they need, and Dunfermline Delivers looks set to provide this.