Office space opens near Clapham

September 30, 2018 by  

Fresh office space has been launched in the vicinity of Clapham recently.

The office solution could help Clapham start-ups. Battersea Arts Centre has begun to offer [Read more]

Academy near Edgware gets social inclusion help

September 29, 2018 by  

An inclusion charity, the School of Hard Knocks, has recently entered into a partnership with Hertswood Academy near Edgware.

Ross Hopcroft is the president for the School of Hard Knocks. The social inclusion organisation is cooperating with [Read more]

Gerry Cinnamon is coming to Kilmarnock

September 28, 2018 by  

Indie folk star Gerry Cinnamon is set to perform in Kilmarnock as part of his latest tour.

The singer was known as Gerry Crosbie when he was [Read more]

Listed building near Cheadle may become flats

September 27, 2018 by  

A listed building in the vicinity of Cheadle could be transformed into apartments.

St George’s Rectory near Cheadle may have a bright future as flats [Read more]

Supper club is coming to Shoreditch

September 26, 2018 by  

A Shoreditch club which will showcase food from West Africa and the Caribbean is about to open.

TT Liquor, a cocktail bar, will be the venue for [Read more]

Consultation on plans for more housing in Romford

September 26, 2018 by  

Local people are being asked to come forward with their opinions with regard to a development in Romford.

The plan involves constructing more homes [Read more]

Tunbridge Wells to host distinctive comedy club

September 25, 2018 by  

A Bring Your Own Baby (BYOB) comedy club is poised to make an impact in Tunbridge Wells.

Traditionally, comedy clubs may encourage [Read more]

Stoke-on-Trent markets embrace comfort

September 25, 2018 by  

Markets in Stoke-on-Trent are rolling out a scheme to make shoppers comfortable.

Stoke-on-Trent’s various markets are [Read more]

Wembley Stadium to get special steps

September 24, 2018 by  

Wembley Stadium is scheduled to have its ramps replaced by iconic steps.

Dixon Jones has made plans for the introduction of steps in relation to the Wembley approach. The idea of [Read more]

Lutterworth may expand to the east

September 24, 2018 by  

Plans suggest that Lutterworth might expand eastwards over the M1.

The current growth proposals for Lutterworth are [Read more]

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