Swimming pool to re-open for the summer in Loughborough

March 24, 2013 by  

A swimming pool at Loughborough leisure centre is set to open over the summer following a fire at the end of 2012.

The fire caused significant smoke damage to the swimming pool area and the wet changing rooms at Loughborough leisure centre, and it has taken a number of months for refurbishment work on these to begin. Work is now due to commence this month to bring the changing rooms and pool area back to their former state.

The head of culture and leisure at Loughborough council, Sylvia Wright, spoke about the reopening to the Loughborough Echo newspaper, saying:

“While we recognise and regret the inconvenience that has been caused to customers by the closure of the pools at Loughborough, I hope the longer term benefit of the improvements we are now undertaking will be well received, and feel confident that the refurbishment of the pools and changing area will be a great addition to the recently revamped leisure centre.”

Many leisure and community centres in the area produce timetables for opening hours and classes by working with local printing companies. Loughborough residents wishing to find out more about the new opening times once the refurbishment is complete are advised to contact the leisure centre directly for a copy of their new timetable or more information on the sessions on offer.

The pool area at Loughborough leisure centre is set to open in time for summer 2012, with the exact date for its opening still to be confirmed.

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