Digital printing helps Nottingham firms increase productivity

March 31, 2011 by  

An investment in digital printing technology in Nottingham has seen productivity increase for a number of printing companies in the area. Since switching from analogue to digital printing, some Nottingham firms have reported up to 35% increase in productivity and some have even said their client base has increased by up to four new clients per month. These figures, reported in a recent article in Print Week magazine shows that there may be a number of reasons for the increase in clients for print companies in Nottingham. Firstly, many local businesses choose to use local printing companies for services like catalogue or brochure printing in Nottingham, and if printing can be done more efficiently and with better results, they are more likely to recommend these printing companies to their peers. Secondly, digital printing offers Nottingham-based firms a more professional finish for their promotional printing jobs.

Digital printing produces professional results thanks to the technology that it uses. This can include UV-curable pigmented inks to print in high definition and some of the newer digital printers can handle up to 95 full-size sheets in an hour. This allows printing companies in Nottingham to be much more efficient and to undertake a higher number of print jobs than they would have been able to if using a traditional analogue printer. Local printing companies in Nottingham are well equipped to deal with large print jobs and can provide a more tailored service than many internet based companies can, whilst being able to offer the same professional finish to their clients.



Business card printing in Liverpool could increase due to new apprenticeship scheme

March 31, 2011 by  

The six regional councils around Liverpool recently expressed their support for a campaign to create 10,000 new jobs in the Merseyside region. This programme, which has support from local businesses in Merseyside as well as that of local authorities, is set to give the region a real boost in terms of jobs and skills. This may also bring a boost for local printing companies in Liverpool who offer services like flyer or business card printing. Liverpool is home to a number of local businesses who [Read more]

Guide to services in Fife shows appetite for flyer printing in Dunfermline is on the increase

March 30, 2011 by  

Companies offering flyer printing in Dunfermline could see the demand for their services increase thanks to a recent vote of confidence from Fife Council. Fife Council recently published a leaflet of council services that is set to be distributed to all homes throughout the region in conjunction with the BT phone book. This is a real boost to printing companies in Dunfermline because this shows that the council still has [Read more]

Demand for business card printing in Chelmsford could soar as The Only Way is Essex returns to TV

March 29, 2011 by  

The controversial documentary soap show, The Only Way is Essex, returned to our TV screens for a second series recently. The series, which focuses on the lives of glamorous women and men in Essex, has divided the opinions of the county, with many people feeling that the lifestyle and portrayed by the show is not representative of the majority of those living in the county. However, local tourist boards and many fans of the show disagree, saying that [Read more]

POS Printing in Cardiff could help new doughnut outlet to flourish at St. David’s Centre

March 28, 2011 by  

Wales is set to see the opening of its first ever branch of the American doughnut outlet, Krispy Kreme in April. The new shop, which is due to open in St. David’s shopping centre in Cardiff has been long-awaited and is expected to prosper. Krispy Kreme first came to the UK in 2003 and has since opened up 200 shops throughout Britain. Cardiff doughnut lovers have campaigned for their own branch of Krispy Kreme by using social networking sites to create groups and petitions and, whilst this is often seen a ‘a bit of fun’ it genuinely shows a real appetite for the brand. Whenever new shops open in the St. David’s Centre, it is important that they are maximising their advertising space within their retail unit to ensure that they capitalise on potential sales or up-sell opportunities. One way to do this is to use [Read more]

Brochure printers in Lutterworth help to promote services for older people

March 27, 2011 by  

Harborough District Council recently produced a booklet advertising services and events for older people. The council teamed up with local charity group Voluntary Action South Leicestershire and worked with local brochure printers in Lutterworth to produce the booklet. This is an important piece of communication, designed to specifically target older people who may feel cut off from the outside world. The council and the charity hopes that this booklet will make older people feel like more of a part of the community and will empower them [Read more]

Exhibition to celebrate International Women’s Day prompts postcard printing in Basingstoke

March 26, 2011 by  

Fairfields art gallery in Basingstoke is hosting an exhibition to celebrate International Women’s Day. The exhibition runs at the gallery until the 7th of April and will feature a number of works of art across a variety of mediums by female artists. The show features work from women who are based in the UK and abroad and even features the work of some local artists. This is the 18th year that Fairfields art gallery has hosted an event to mark International Women’s Day and the growing popularity of the event is seeing an increase in demand for souvenirs and memorabilia to be available for purchase as part of the exhibition. This could spark extra demand for [Read more]

Fife Chamber of Commerce is hosts a business event to showcase Fife’s prowess at the forefront of the renewable energy sector

March 25, 2011 by  

As demand increases for renewable energy and the desire for better carbon accountability grows, businesses are being forced to improve their energy efficiency and to investigate all of the opportunities that renewable resources can provide.

As more companies embrace renewable energy, printing will be paramount to getting their message out, in the form of brochures, presentation folders containing information and leaflets.

Poster printing in Ware could help recruit more school governors

March 25, 2011 by  

Schools in Ware are looking to recruit new governors to help provide pupils with the best possible education. Local authorities have enlisted the help of the School Governors’ One Stop Shop, a national charity that helps schools to get the most out of their school governors. One of the main issues that schools have when encouraging people to become governors is getting their message out to the public. This is where companies offering services like poster printing in Ware could help. The charity and local school boards need to communicate the fact that anyone over the age of 18 can become a school governor – they do not have to be [Read more]

Council launches news website but continues to use printing companies in Loughborough for quarterly printed version

March 24, 2011 by  

Charnwood Council has recently launched a brand new news website in place of the printed Charnwood News magazine. This move is part of recent spending cuts across Loughborough and the surrounding areas. The news website will replace the printed version, saving the council an estimated £36,000 each year in terms of printing and distribution costs. However, local authorities have recognised the importance of continuing to produce a printed version of the website and because of this; they aim to produce a quarterly printed digest of key news stories that will be distributed throughout the community. This is positive news for local magazine or brochure printers in Loughborough, as it shows that [Read more]

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