Chesterfield burglars target the elderly

November 30, 2010 by  

Police in the Chesterfield area are looking to investigate if there are any links between a series of burglaries after several incidents targeting the elderly. Print companies in Brampton or other areas around Chesterfield are likely to be enlisted to produce leaflets or posters to help bring members of the public forward to help with the police enquiries if people think that they may have seen or heard anything that might be significant to the investigations.

In what must of been very frightening encounters for their elderly victims, the burglaries took place late at night. The first incident in Chesterfield occured on the 11th November when a handbag with [Read more]

Celebrity chef boosts reputation of hospital food

November 29, 2010 by  

The official opening of the new restaurant at Forth Valley Royal Hospital was graced with the presence of a celebrity chef, Nick Nairn. As a rule, hospital canteens have not had the very best reputation when it comes to culinary fare but in contrast, the Forth Valley Royal’s restaurant opened with a culinary demonstration from Nick Nairn who served up a chicken and vegetable teriyaki stir fry to the delight of those attending the event.

Serco, the company behind the restaurant, have just been awarded a Healthy Living award for their work in promoting healthy food options in their outlets. Their restaurant at the hospital is a far cry from the canteen style that people have come to associate with hospitals and boasts a view across the Forth as well as promoting what they hope will be a vibrant atmosphere with fresh food made to order in the middle of the restaurant, to create a sense of theatre. The menu has been developed by chefs following guidelines on nutrition in conjunction with a team of dieticians. The healthy meals will be served in what is hoped will be a relaxing environment for staff as well as, of course, patients and their visitors.

A plaque was unveiled to officially open the new restaurant and, no doubt, print companies in Falkirk with experience in producing eye-catching menus for other restaurants around the region were enlisted to produce the menus tempting customers with the tasty yet healthy food options that will be on offer in the Forth Valley Royal.

Campaign receives boost from Cannes film director

November 28, 2010 by  

Having used the services of companies specialising in flyer printing in Ware, a campaign group have turned to an award winning film maker from the area to help further their cause. STOP Harlow North (SHN) is a campaign group that is opposed to the proposed developments in the villages in East Hertfordshire that border with Harlow. Plans have been submitted for the area to develop thousands of new homes in this region by 2031. Campaigners had been using printed leaflets, emails and holding meetings in the village hall in a bid to drum up support to object to these proposed developments.

They had 2,000 names already objecting to the flood of new homes intended to be built in this rural area when, David Paul Irons from Ware, who had recently premiered a short film, Casting Call, at the Cannes Film Festival, approached the campaigners to offer his services.

Mr Irons felt very strongly about the cause and his campaign film is based around interviews with figures such as the members of the campaign group and Mark Prisk, a Government Business Minister and the MP for Stortford. Interviews are interspersed with visually stunning scenes of this area. It is hoped that the film has captured the rural charm of the area and will really bring home the message that this is a real threat to the rural life of East Hertfordshire and direct people to the website to object to the plans before consultation over the 8,500 homes finishes on the 25th November.

Make it Marham petition gathers pace

November 27, 2010 by  

MPs and councillors in Norfolk launched the ‘Make It Marham’ campaign in Kings Lynn on 20th November, hoping to capitalise on the public spirit aroused by the masses gathered at the switching on of the Christmas lights in the Vancouver Quarter the night before.
Manning a stall festooned with posters and banners, members of Parliament and the local council took time out to promote the ‘Make it Marham’ campaign was launched to try to persuade the Government that they should make the decision that the Royal Air forces’ Tornado fleet should continue to [Read more]

Theatre to debut in Hedge End

November 26, 2010 by  

Companies offering poster printing in Hedge End may soon be busy producing posters to promote the exciting new shows that will be coming to the area courtesy of Hedge End’s new theatre. The theatre will cost 4 million pounds to build, and will be located next to the performing arts department of Wildern School, and will open in 2011. The theatre will be able to seat 308 people and will mean that people in the area have an alternative venue to go to see a variety of professional shows rather than travelling the distance to The Point in Eastleigh or the Mayflower theatre in Southampton.

Amateur groups will be able to make use of the theatre’s facilities during the week but on Friday and Saturday evenings the venue will play host to professional theatre companies who are touring bringing a range of drama, comedy and musical performances to Hedge End. Youngsters will also be able to enjoy a number of master classes which will be staged at the theatre to teach them about writing or behind the scenes in theatre. The theatre’s facilities include a bar and a box office as well as dressing rooms for the theatre companies.

The name of the new theatre has been unveiled as ‘The Berry Theatre’. A resident from Hedge End suggested the name which pays homage to the heritage of the town as a fruit picking area, having once been fields of strawberries.

Publicity will be vital to the theatres’s success, and it is anticipated that not only will it be printing posters to advertise forthcoming attractions, but also banners and brochures.

Poole housing estate plans for better image

November 25, 2010 by  

Residents of a housing estate have joined together and could soon be using the services of a print company in Poole to try to combat the negative perceptions of the area in which they live. The Bourne Valley Action Group (BVAG) has recently been established to try to foster more of a community spirit on the Bourne Estate in the area and help bring the residents of the area together to try to encourage them to help themselves. Some areas of the estate, it is reported, have been dogged by [Read more]

Brochure packed with Christmas events

November 24, 2010 by  

Brochure printers in Loughborough are helping the Loughborough Town Centre Partnership and Charnwood Borough Council spread the Christmas cheer to the area with a publication that details the programme of Christmas festivities in the area. The brochure is entitled ‘The Country Comes to Town’ and is available from the Charnwood Museum, the Council’s Southfield Road office or from Loughborough’s leisure centre and town hall.

Charnwood Borough Council and the Loughborough Town Centre Partnership are working hard to make sure that [Read more]

Medway towns bid for city status

November 23, 2010 by  

Towns in the Medway area are going into marketing overdrive with brochure and poster printing as they make bids to become cities. Areas such as Strood, Gillingham, Chatham and Rochester are united in their bid for 2012 city status which councillors have commented is “vital for growth” in the area. In these tough economic times, council leaders have said that [Read more]

Community group bids to get more children outside

November 22, 2010 by  

Parent Action for Safe Play (PASP), a community project from Coatbridge, is looking to launch a poster campaign in a bid to win a lucrative charity award that could see their project extend its coverage and facilities to other areas around the region. PASP is a play scheme for youngsters in the area, providing them with activities and play sessions on the streets of Coatbridge. With their ‘play ranger’ staff, PASP takes to the streets in Coatbridge to promote youngsters to ditch their computer games indoors and play outside whatever the weather. Other schemes have included [Read more]

Posters depict Isle of Skye to promote whisky from East Kilbride

November 21, 2010 by  

Companies offering poster printing in East Kilbride may have inadvertently aided Diageo, an international drinks company, in producing advertising that misleads the public as to the origins of one of its famous brands according to a news website for the area,

Diageo’s whisky brand, Talisker, is matured in East Kilbride but the website,, claims that their latest poster marketing campaign appears to depict [Read more]

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