Importance of business cards

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Business cards are a very inexpensive marketing tool and are often indispensable for small companies in Stoke-on-Trent in spreading their company message. A business card can be used to not only exchange basic contact details of your business but introduce your company and its brand identity to prospective clients and business connections.

Exchanging business cards is a non-aggressive way to market your company and its services to people as contacts often readily receive business cards and do not see the exchange of business cards as self promotion. Remember that when you hand out your business cards, people often pass them on to other prospective clients thus making business cards a very low cost but effective means of spreading the word about your company.

As well as the basic information of phone numbers, email addresses and company website, your business card is an opportunity to let people know what your company does. The company name does not always reveal this to contacts but a slogan or descriptive catchphrase on the business card can elaborate on this.

As your business card is often the first impression your company will make on a potential contact, ensure that your business card avoids the mundane. The appearance of the business card is of the utmost importance when creating the first impression. Ensure that the design and colours of your card are well thought out and that the printing stock is of high quality. There are companies offering business card printing in Stoke-on-Trent who will be able to provide quotations on high quality business cards.

Business cards as a marketing tool

July 30, 2010 by  

Businesses in Bath could be forgiven for thinking that, in these difficult times, that marketing efforts should be cut in order to provide savings for their business. Not true as it is more important than ever to be putting your message in front of customers but it can be difficult to justify marketing materials during difficult times for businesses in general. Consider more cost efficient printed marketing materials such as business cards. Business cards are not just for exchanging contact information; they can play a big role in the marketing of your company. Aside from exchanging the expected information such as company names and contact details, your business card can now to be seen to include your company USP or slogan and the major customer benefits of using your company.

The printed style of your card can make it stand out from the crowd. Recycled materials can appeal to consumers, information printed vertically rather than horizontally can stand out and fold over cards are increasingly popular as they allow your company to display more information. The quality of your business card speaks volumes about the type of company that you are and it is important to keep the quality in mind when designing a business card in terms of fonts, styles and colours and also when you are looking to print a business card. There are local companies who will be able to quote on business card printing in Bath and ensure that your creative efforts do not go to waste in the production process.

Using local printers in Falkirk

July 29, 2010 by  

Falkirk businesses that are looking for a print company to produce their marketing materials should consider using local print companies in Falkirk. It can be tempting for businesses to source online suppliers as it can seem that big internet print companies will be able to offer cost savings and quick service. The perception can be that local printers are not always running their print presses and therefore will have a longer turnaround time. It can seem easier to make comparisons with several companies and their prices online rather than going round local print companies to get quotations in person.

However, using the internet to source and arrange your printing requirements means that you lose the personal relationship that you can build with a local printer. Having that personal contact with a printer and building a good working relationship means that you can find a supplier who can handle your files every time you make an order and any issues or special requirements can be dealt with face to face and any problems ironed out efficiently.

Particularly if you are new to the business of printing, having a trusting business relationship with your print company means that you can go to them for advice if you have any specific requirements and therefore get the best from your marketing materials and avoid any expensive printing mistakes. Face to face interaction can mean that you actually speed up the process of printing as any instructions can be given directly and using a local printer can be a cost efficient solution.

BabyDeli develops POS

July 28, 2010 by  

Asda in Crewe will see some new point of sale branding from baby food brand BabyDeli, as the organic food producer looks to raise the awareness of the brand and drive sales in Asda’s stores. BabyDeli has appointed a Manchester design consultancy called Kernal to develop and design their brand’s point of sale materials that will feature in store and around Asda’s cafes across the country which are being redeveloped on a national scale.

The supermarket will feature a list of BabyDeli’s meals in their cafeteria location across some 230 stores in the United Kingdom and the range of the brand’s products will also be promoted throughout the store with other point of sale printed materials. This campaign will be supported by online communications as well to drive further awareness of this organic brand of baby food. Point of sale promotion is highly important in store as this is the last message that targets the consumer before they make [Read more]

POS materials reinvigorate brand

July 27, 2010 by  

Consumers in Cambridge will be seeing a change in their local Lakeland store as the kitchenware retailer looks to overhaul its window displays across the country. The retailer is looking to reinvigorate their window displays and point of sale display materials along the themes of ‘home baking’ and ‘grow your own’, which are felt to reflect the current trends in these difficult times.

Lakeland is working with the agency, Gratterpalm, to develop their new point of sale and window display materials. The overall theme is to reflect the British summertime using pastel and citrus colours and cardboard cut-outs of season produce, cupcake cases and images of scrapbooks in rustic, homely styles. This will be backed up with a commitment to value [Read more]

Rewards for eating biscuits

July 26, 2010 by  

McVitie’s will be launching a consumer collect and reward scheme based around their biscuits, such as Jaffa Cakes, for consumers to be rewarded for their loyalty to their brands. The scheme, which will be called the ‘McVitie’s VIP Club’, is their first ever consumer scheme of its kind and aims to give something back to their consumers for choosing their brands.

The rewards will be in the form of other tea break treats and there will be unique consumer codes printed on the side of McVitie’s packs. Customers will be able to enter the unique codes onto a newly launched McVitie’s website and [Read more]

Beware of copyright rules

July 25, 2010 by  

Companies in Kings Lynn looking to boost their awareness and profile by producing promotional materials around big sporting events should be mindful of infringing copyright rules.

Many brands, who are not official sponsors of such events as the World Cup, Wimbledon or the Olympic games, try to use the hype around these major sporting occasions to raise their brand profile and use the event to heighten the awareness of their brand. Using clever advertising copy or tie-ins with the outcome of major games or matches can certainly engage with consumers when they are caught up in the excitement and fever of an important sports event. However, when it comes to [Read more]

Leaflets cause salon a potential fine

July 24, 2010 by  

A Lancashire hair and beauty salon has come under fire from council officials after they used printed leaflets to promote their business. Coast Salon, located in Chorley, Lancashire, wanted to promote its services to the local community and had some leaflets printed up to distribute their offers and discounts to customers.

However, salon owners Sarah Hayes and Anne Nolan placed the leaflets on parked vehicles around the town centre area in order to drum up trade and were threatened with a £75 per vehicle fine from council officials unless they [Read more]

Posters and postcards target hate crime

July 23, 2010 by  

The services of printing companies in Coventry will be required as the Department of Education launches a new campaign in the area targeting young people. The campaign is using printed posters and postcards to target young people to encourage them to report any hate crime that they see or experience in the area. The campaign is called “Coventry is saying no to Hate Crime – do not suffer in silence” and it is hoped that it will encourage people not to keep these crimes to themselves and to make sure that they are reported to the authorities.

Communicating to young people is especially important as they are often the victims of these kinds of hate crimes. Hate crime can include a number of actions, including harassment, verbal abuse, threats, offensive mail or [Read more]

Postcards inspire campaign

July 22, 2010 by  

The environmental charity Keep Britain Tidy has taken inspiration from cheeky 1970s style seaside postcards for their latest creative execution. To persuade people to put their litter in the bin, the charity’s creative agency, Inferno, has come up with the saucy postcard-inspired execution which will be seen running across outdoor advertising poster sites, in local communities on posters and on bus sides.

The advertising campaign will roll out across the country with really localised messages using another poster execution entitled “Get behind us”. The “us” will be replaced by the name of the relevant city in each area to really appeal to the local community, such as East Kilbride.

A spokesperson for Keep Britain Tidy emphasised the millions of pounds spent every year in Britain on cleaning up the streets and encouraged everyone to think about picking up one piece of litter [Read more]

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