Poole Harbour island gets planning permission

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One thing that often keeps print companies in Poole busy is producing literature, such as flyers and leaflets, for local estate agents to promote their properties. Properties in Poole, especially around Poole Harbour, are highly sought after and their prices can go very high.

A new property looks set to be built though; one which could require some more print work if its true value is to be achieved when the times come to sell. Multi-millionaire Edward Iliffe bought Green Island, the third largest island in Poole Harbour, in 2005 for £2.5 million and wanted to build his dream home on the island. However, his plans for a new property, one that was much larger than the existing property on the island, were refused because it was believed that the much larger new home would [Read more]

Ayr Independent Shops on the Radio: Featured on West Sound Business News 12th April 2010

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Ayr independent shops were featured on the West Sound Business News at 7.20am and 8.20am on Monday 12th April.  The radio report transcript was:
A group of Ayr Business Owners have come together to promote local trade in the town.  They’re leafleting homes throughout the area trying to encourage them to support local industry.  Jeff Whittle from Minuteman Press tells us what the businesses taking part in Ayr Independent Shops to inspire you has on offer:
“Ayr town centre is a nice compact size, it’s comparable to going to one of the shopping malls.  You can walk to each of the independent shops very quickly, and in between, there are some lovely cafes as well.  It’s the service from independents basically, and we’re trying to offer the discount to encourage people to come in, as well”.
Here is the clip as an mp3 file.  Fast forward to 36 seconds and the feature lasts 35 seconds.
To find out more about West Sound, please click the link: www.westsoundradio.com

Real Ale Festival in Ware

April 29, 2010 by  

Residents of Ware, in Hertfordshire, can’t fail to have noticed the posters and flyers around the area over the last few weeks promoting the Ware Real Ale Festival. The festival is an annual affair, and gives residents of Ware the chance to sample some of the rarer, and more exclusive ales and ciders from around the British Isles.

The festival itself took place on April 9th and 10th, and was held in the Arts Centre, at Ware’s Kibes Lane.

As well as offering some rarer ales from around the UK, the festival also represented good value for money for local residents as all ales were just £2.40 per pint. The beer festival also featured live music, so that you could enjoy [Read more]

Banbury pub widens business model

April 28, 2010 by  

Even post recession, times are hard for businesses and many enterprising business owners have been forced to think outside the box in order to keep their company afloat. One business that has had to branch out into new areas is the Brasenose Arms pub in Banbury.

The owners of the pub, Karen Banks and Alan Tattersall, are into their music festivals, and Tattersall used to live on a boat and run a live music venue, something which would require promotion though posters and flyers. Now the couple own the local pub, but times are still hard and selling beer is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to making a profit.

Tattersall explains that the owner of the pub, Enterprise Inns, forces them to buy their beer at a price they set, which makes it very expensive:

“There are pubs in Banbury selling pints for less than I can buy it for. The amount of [Read more]

Leith poster printing reunites dog with owner

April 27, 2010 by  

Poster printing in Leith isn’t just for businesses looking to promote their latest offers, or deals on their services; it can also be used for really personal reasons too. One recent example of a woman who successfully used Leith poster printing was when 42 year old Jackie Bruce needed to find her lost dog.

Jackie left her Labrador outside a supermarket in Leith while she was shopping – but when she came out the dog had vanished. The dog, named Bess, had been left tied to a lamppost outside of the supermarket while she was inside with her son.

Thankfully, the dog hadn’t been dog napped, nor had she ran away, she had been [Read more]

Election campaign means more poster printing

April 26, 2010 by  

The general election is in full flow and the second of three live televised debates between the three main leaders has generated more interest than ever before. The confrontational style of the live debates has led to some critics claiming that UK politics is becoming too americanised, with too much emphasis given to voting for a personality, rather than a party’s policies.

However, one thing is for sure, the live debates have created interest where perhaps there was none. For example, just take a look at any street in the UK and you’ll notice a wave of posters in people’s windows, banners in their front garden and leaflets being displayed proudly. Poster printers in Potters Bar for example have responded to the demand for additional posters, banners and [Read more]

East Kilbride print supplier helps raise money for charity

April 25, 2010 by  

Local businesses in East Kilbride have banded together to help to raise £40,000 so that an East Kilbride girl can receive a life changing operation. The eight year old girl, Jade Mitchell, suffers from cerebral palsy and she needs the money so that she can travel to Missouri in the USA for the operation. Thanks to the help and support of local businesses, including a print supplier in East Kilbride, local residents, children and staff of businesses, they are well on their way to raising the full amount.

The fund for Jade currently stands at over £15,000 – still a little short of the £40,000 target. Jade attends St Vincent’s Primary School in East Kilbride, and once the money has been raised she will be able to make the 4,000 mile [Read more]

New opportunity for Falkirk printers

April 24, 2010 by  

Whenever a new hotel complex is announced anywhere in the UK it triggers the interest of local advertising agencies and print companies, and the recent announcement concerning a £40 million project for a new hotel complex will certainly interest print companies in Falkirk.

The new development has just received planning permission and will see a five-star hotel built out of Glenbervie House Hotel at Larbert. The hotel will also feature a leisure centre and a spa, as well as a restaurant and bar – all of which will need [Read more]

Crewe printers installs new printing press

April 23, 2010 by  

The Printing House, a print company in Crewe, recently installed a new printing press and put it to work in under 15 minutes. The new digital printing press installed at Crewe printers, The Printing House, took under an hour to install and configure and was immediately put to work printing out flyers and posters for clients.

Peter Harrison, the joint Managing Director at The Printing House, commented on his print firm’s new kit:

Unlike traditional ink-based presses, which can take days to bed in, the new digital units are ready to start production of Business Cards, Leaflets, Posters etc almost immediately.

He had it up-and-running in 15 minutes and he swears he will have it walking and talking by the end of the week!

The Printing House needed this extra machine because of the high demand for digital printing coming from the company’s website. With the new printing press installed, wait times on print orders can be greatly [Read more]

Flyer printing in Coatbridge blamed for ‘fattest town’ tag

April 22, 2010 by  

It’s not often that the print industry can be blamed for the expanding waistlines of local residents, but print companies in Coatbridge are responsible, it seems, for the health of the local community – at least according to Tom Maginnis, a Coatbridge West councillor.

The problem is that Coatbridge has just been named as the fattest town in Britain. This unwelcome accolade came after research showed that 21% of all Coatbridge residents are obese, that’s just over one fifth of the town.

According to the survey, Coatbridge led the way in terms of expanding waistlines – with Glasgow’s North East, Fife’s Methil and Walsall in the West Midlands all coming close behind with [Read more]

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