Grant for East Kilbride American Football Team

February 28, 2010 by  

When it comes to merchandising and promotion, such as printed posters, there are few sports in the world that can compete with American Football. However, outside of the US, such as in the UK for example, the sport is struggling along with the help and support of grants.

East Kilbride has its own American Football team, the East Kilbride Pirates, and they’ve just secured funding by way of a grant that will allow them to develop the game further at grass roots level. The Pirates recently secured a grant of £9,900 from the Lottery Commission.

The Lottery scheme offers grants of between £500 and £10,000 for sports and the arts, and the money given to the East Kilbride Pirates will allow them to promote the sport among the young in the area, and get the local [Read more]

Design service choices near Altrincham in Cheshire

February 28, 2010 by  

Some printing companies, usually the larger ones, have their own in-house design studio. Others, for example the typical business card printer in Altrincham, may need the services of an independent design company from time to time.

There is a design company which is not far from Altrincham which could be quite convenient for local print firms. The interestingly named Chilli Cactus company is based in Wilmslow, in South Manchester. They describe themselves as an ‘innovative and exciting’ design agency which can handle corporate identity development, design for print, website solutions or even a complete marketing overhaul.

Another good example of a Cheshire based design agency is TR Creative, which offers design for print and new media. They describe themselves as a friendly and imaginative studio. They too can offer a similar service to the above and say their main aim is [Read more]

Choosing a good print company in Kings Lynn

February 27, 2010 by  

You may have a business around Kings Lynn and need a suitable printing company for your new print requirements. These requirements could be anything from business card printing to full colour brochure printing. Many print firms now offer a range of options, running a combination of offset machines and digital kit. Some print firms have gone even further and also employ their own in-house design team.

An example of a local Kings Lynn printing company which started small and continued to grow is DSD Colour Printers, located in St. James Street. The company was set up 35 years ago with just three people. They work on the premise that no job is too small, or too large. The business has seen continual growth, especially in the last [Read more]

Good choice of print companies in Potters Bar

February 26, 2010 by  

Does your business need some new stationery printing, or perhaps some new brochures? If you are in business in or around Potters Bar and you have printing requirements you can find a good range of printing companies locally. Digital machinery has made the process of relatively small print runs quicker and more efficient. There are several print firms in the Potters Bar district who will be happy to supply your needs.

A typical example of a fast turn-around print company is local printer Solopress. The company has been in Potters Bar for over fifteen years and can supply business cards, flyers, leaflets, stationery, posters, stickers, Christmas cards and lamination. In fact the whole [Read more]

Printing firms around Leith for all your printing requirements

February 25, 2010 by  

If you require stationery printers in Leith you should not have much trouble in finding a suitable local print company to suit your needs. There is a choice of print firms in and around the region. Some are bigger firms, handling large production print runs and others are smaller family run businesses offering that personal touch.

For example, local print firm Leith Print & Copy is one of the print companies which could provide all of your printing requirements. They offer digital and graphic printing and can handle anything from business card and stationery printing in Leith, to digital and graphic printing and laminating. The printing company says that digital printing has become the [Read more]

Over 500 years of printing industry in Scotland

February 24, 2010 by  

If you are looking for business card printing in Coatbridge you will more than likely be able to find it locally. For example, the printing company Pettigrew, Alex, Ltd., who are situated in Main Street offers business cards and stationery printing in Coatbridge. There are also many other print companies to choose from around the Glasgow region. This is perhaps not surprising as the Scottish printing industry stretches back over 500 years.

The first printing company was started up by Androw Myllar and his partner Walter Chepman. They set up their first press in Edinburgh in 1507, and their first prints were produced in1508, a fact which was celebrated in a publication in 2008 which was produced by [Read more]

Online business becoming evermore popular

February 23, 2010 by  

There are many small and medium size businesses in and around Wrexham. They will all need to order print work from time to time. If you need a stationery printer in Wrexham this will be easy to find. Many firms are now choosing to order their everyday pint requirements online.

There are a huge number of printing companies which have added an online business facility to their overall business mix. For example, Buy Print Online is a print company that serves the Wrexham area. They describe themselves as a reliable online printing company offering a fast, high quality print service. They offer both litho and digital print. They say that they provide [Read more]

New platform for local talent in Ayr

February 22, 2010 by  

There are many businesses in Ayr, for example, the local business card printer or magazine publisher, who may have many undiscovered talents amongst their work force.

A local cultural enthusiast, Mr, Dougie Greg, who has recently graduated from a course in commercial music, believes the town is wasting its creative potential. Mr, Greg intends to reverse this by showcasing local talent at monthly events. He was shocked at the lack of opportunity for nurturing talent, he said:

“I look around and see so much culture being wasted – and it’s such a shame. You have places like the Gaiety Theatre shutting and I can’t understand why a town like Ayr, which has so much to offer, is lagging behind. I’ve been trying to think of [Read more]

First news printer in Falkirk still in business today

February 21, 2010 by  

It will be relatively easy to find a printer in or around Falkirk to suit your needs. If you require a stationery printer in Falkirk, or if your needs are a more sophisticated, there will be a local printer on hand to deliver what you need. The print industry in Falkirk goes back a long time.

The oldest newspaper printer in Falkirk was established way back in 1845. Their first publication went on sale on August 14th of that year at a price of two old pence. The practice at the time was to give over the front page to local advertising, not news features. This first publication featured a Falkirk ironmonger called A. Cochran & Son. The advertising article informed readers that they had [Read more]

Loughborough print management merger

February 20, 2010 by  

Print companies in Loughborough, from smaller companies printing letterheads and business cards to large print firms, will always be interested in mergers and expansion of other local printers. On the 1st July 2009, Loughborough based Winstonmead merged its sheet specialist company, Shepshed Knight, with Q3 Print Project Management, also based in Loughborough. The purchase of Q3 was completed on the above date for an undisclosed sum.

The company planned to relocate to Q3’s Print Project Management site by the end of 2009, bringing Shepshed Knight’s 13 staff with them. The new print management company was renamed Winstonmead Print after Shepshed Knight’s parent company. The newly merged company will now operate with a total of 30 staff. Staffing levels will be [Read more]

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