Norwich printmakers making the mark

November 29, 2009 by  

Stonington Printmakers Society is holding an exhibition of work at the Slater Memorial Museum in Norwich. It runs from 5th Dec to 29th January 2010. The title of the exhibition is ‘Making the Mark’. It will include examples of monotypes, colographs, etchings and solar plate etchings, intaglios, linocuts and relief prints.

The exhibition in Norwich promises to be both interesting and informative. Demonstration of these early techniques will be of great interest to the public and to printing companies in Norwich. There is also a green aspect to the exhibition through the use of water based inks.

The public should be able to grasp just how much today’s printing companies in Norwich are [Read more]

Regeneration of Kings Lynn

November 28, 2009 by  

A little over a year ago the East of England Development Agency kick started the regeneration of Kings Lynn in Norfolk. Over 40 million pounds worth of public funds and private money has been invested in the project.

The local community was divided by an old derelict industrial site and drainage channel. This brown field site was heavily polluted and the water had to be diverted. Kings Lynn became one of seven ‘’millennium communities’’. The community has now been reunited. Nar Ouse site will include 950 houses, a school, a community centre and a university building.

Kings Lynn has always been a vibrant town, even when divided, offering many annual events, tourist attractions, societies and promotions. Printing companies in and around Kings Lynn have supplied [Read more]

Complex architect’s print models delivered in 24hrs?

November 27, 2009 by  

Realization Group Miami USA can now produce complex client models in 24hrs using Z corp.150 build material and a ZP printer 450 multicolor 3D printer. The printer is compatible with the existing ZP printer 150 and the ZP 650 colour 3D printer.

This illustrates huge advancement in 3D printing following years of research and development undertaken in many countries since 1986.

Let’s take Adrian Bowyer for example, senior lecturer and head of biometrics at the University of Bath. He is currently developing a rapid prototyping machine, known as RepRap. By studying the way organisms build structures he is able to abstract design from nature and use this in a digital world.

He says:

…it’s about methods for getting one, two, and three dimensional micron-scale structures made [Read more]

Glasgow design agency hires new creative director

November 23, 2009 by  

Glasgow print design company, ‘O Street’, has hired Ed Watt as its new creative director. Ed Watt has previously run his own Glasgow print design agency for three years, ‘Design-Ed’.

O Street is very pleased with the appointment, believing that Ed Watt will be a valuable asset to their Glasgow print design agency. David Freer, the co-founder of O Street, said about the appointment of Ed Watt:

We interviewed a lot of great designers, but Ed’s proven track record of managing his own agency and his digital and Ping Pong skills made him a perfect choice.

In addition to appointing Ed Watt as their new creative director, O Street also unveiled their new [Read more]

Liverpool print photography award won by Worcestershire Camera Club

November 23, 2009 by  

A photography printing competition in Liverpool, the Inter Club Photographic Print Competition, has seen an award given to an amateur photography club from Worcestershire. The photography club is called the Worcestershire Camera Club, and their 109 members are delighted with the award for Best Rookie.

One of their photographers, Malcolm Haynes, won a silver medal in Liverpool with his photographic print, which he entitled ‘Waiting to Cross’. Malcolm has been taking photographs with the camera club for the past 50 years.

The Worcestershire Camera Club also won a second award for the team. The first round of scoring for their photographic prints saw them finish outside of the top 12, meaning they failed to make the second round of judging. Despite this, any of the clubs who didn’t make the second round were put in for a special award of a [Read more]

Print company in Edinburgh designs Hogmanay Festival campaign

November 23, 2009 by  

Edinburgh print company, Hillside Agency, was chosen to complete the print design campaign for this year’s Edinburgh Hogmanay Festival, which is the New Year celebration in Scotland. The designs were launched recently at Edinburgh castle as the Edinburgh print company, Hillside Agency, showed what it had come with for Hogmanay 2009.

The print company in Edinburgh created Edinburgh’s brochure printing, flyer printing and even digital work, which included a new website for the 2009 Hogmanay Festival.

Neil Dalgleish is a director at Edinburgh’s Hillside Agency. He stated about the design work for [Read more]

South Birmingham advertising company charms a Cobra

November 23, 2009 by  

Cobra’s National Curry Week is all about reinforcing the connection between curry, and Indian beer Cobra. The task of designing the artwork and advertising campaign to re-associate Cobra beer with curry was given to the South Birmingham based advertising company, Life. Life worked on POS printing in South Birmingham to design a series of adverts to promote Cobra’s National Curry Week.

The POS created by Life will be used throughout Curry Week, which takes place next week, in shops throughout the UK, including Indian restaurants. Life has created poster printing in South Birmingham to depict classic Indian images, such as henna hand decorations, in an attempt to create a contemporary image for [Read more]

St David’s in Cardiff to launch with new print campaign

November 22, 2009 by  

There may be a recession on at the moment, but that hasn’t stopped Cardiff launching the biggest retail destination of the year, just in time for Christmas. The St David’s Shopping Centre cost £675 million and will rejuvenate the city centre, and capital of Wales.

As with every new business, the launch campaign of St David’s is crucial to its success, and a design agency from Newcastle has been appointed to create the POS printing in Cardiff to advertise the new retail centre.

The Newcastle based advertising company, Different, worked on a series of adverts to promote the St David’s. The advertising material included direct marketing, press advertising and poster printing in Cardiff’s [Read more]