Poster printing promotes safe nights out

March 15, 2012 by  

An innovative campaign is encouraging young people to stay safe on nights out through advice that can be accessed via a special scannable code printed on posters.

Posters are appearing throughout Buckinghamshire that encourage local people to take care and stay aware on nights out. The posters, which have been produced by Aylesbury Vale Community Safety Partnership, each contain a scannable barcode or ‘QR’ code which people can scan using their mobile phone to find out more. QR codes can be added to traditional posters using standard Print company in digital printing printing services digital printing.

Print company in Croydon printing services Croydon are also tackling the issue of irresponsible behaviour on nights out as part of their ‘Best Bar None’ initiative. This campaign is advertised on the Best Bar None website and is also promoted in bars, using the line “Think safe, drink safe.”

Print company in Poster printing printing services Poster printing in both Croydon and Aylesbury has proved successful in highlighting the risks of not taking care on nights out and by using innovative new technology like QR codes, the target audience for the campaign have access to a wealth of information that will help them to stay safe on nights out.

Pam Pearce, a cabinet member for community matters, spoke about the Aylesbury campaign, saying:

“We know that most people act responsibly on a night out but, sadly, we do see cases where people have too much to drink, become confused and can’t get home because they have been separated from friends. Others fall prey to criminals who target vulnerable people.”

Campaigns like this aim to better-equip people with the information they need to help them plan a safe night out.