Leaflets paid for by anonymous donor in Croydon

April 25, 2012 by  

An Easter celebration took place in Print company in Croydon printing services Croydon recently thanks to an anonymous donation, in spite of a lack of funding pushing the event to the brink of cancellation.

The annual Easter Walk of Witness is an event that takes place each year in Croydon town centre, with actors re-enacting the events leading up to Easter as a reminder of why the occasion is celebrated. The event is run by 30 church groups from across the region, but the 2012 Walk of Witness was under threat of being cancelled as the organisers struggled to stump up the funds that were needed to create promotional material for the event.

However, a mystery donor helped to put an end to the funding worries when it transpired that the cost of Print company in flyer printing printing services flyer printing for the Croydon event had been covered anonymously. Thanks to the fact that the flyers were printed on time, around 1,000 locals turned out to watch the Walk of Witness, which this year featured Chris Reilly, an actor from the popular soap Eastenders. The event took place on Good Friday.

Toni Suffolk helped to organise the event. She commented on how grateful the organisers were with regards to the financial help with the flyer Print company in printing printing services printing and spoke about the success of the event to a local newspaper, saying:
“We are already planning for next year, and are confident it will happen.”

The organisers also hope to hold an Easter Sunday celebration at some point in the future on the back of the popularity of the Good Friday event.