Transport festival fun over Easter in Crewe

April 28, 2011 by  

A celebration of transportation is set to be held at the Crewe Heritage Centre over the  Easter weekend.

The Crewe Transport Festival is open to everyone and is set to feature a range of vintage trains and even a display of miniature train sets. The festival is being aimed at families from the Crewe region, with family tickets priced at £10. The festival is set to be held from 10am until 4pm from Good Friday and will finish after its open day on Easter Monday.

The festival is being promoted via local websites and newspapers, but could also benefit from being promoted via poster printing. Crewe is home to a number of community centres, schools and public spaces where the posters could be displayed to help the organisers of the Crewe Transport Festival to capitalise on opportunities for promotion.
Many train enthusiasts have expressed interest in the events held at the Crewe Heritage Centre and in the past, such fun days or open days have been a success. For example, Mothers’ Day at the Crewe Heritage Centre went extremely well. Mothers were offered the chance to drive the miniature railway, which makes a real change from the traditional lunch out with mum. With the right kind of promotion, such as advertising created using poster printing, Crewe Heritage Centre will make their latest Transport Festival another success.

More information about the Transport Festival can be found on the Crewe Heritage Centre’s website, which can be found at