Public transport services set to improve

September 13, 2010 by  

A bus company servicing the Crewe area will be increasing the frequency of their most popular transport routes to the delight of residents in all affected areas. Bus company Bakerbus hopes the increased routes will demonstrate their commitment to improve their offering to all public transport using residents in and around the South Cheshire and North Staffordshire region where they operate. Increased services mean that Stoke Railway station will be more easily accessible during peak commuting times during the week, Monday to Friday, and commuting or shopping in Crewe or Sandbach Market will be much easier as additional journeys to the area have been planned for the new bus services.

Due to the changes in the bus routes and the timetables, Bakerbus have enlisted the printing services of a company in the area who provide flyer printing near Crewe and surrounding areas to create updated timetables to distribute through residents’ letter boxes in the relevant residential locations to inform them of the changes to services.

Whilst the Bakerbus services are extended, local passengers may also see their fares increase on some of the routes in the area particularly students of a local university, many of whom use Bakerbus’ services. However, passengers surveyed commented that they felt that the changes were justified as they were improvements to the service. Students was impressed to find that lectures in the middle of the day would be easier to get to with additional bus services and as one passenger stated, no one likes waiting for a bus.