Public Relations agencies to offer affordable advice to businesses

January 31, 2012 by  

Two public relations agencies in the North West are set to inject life back into ailing businesses as they prepare to offer affordable advice on business promotions and branding.

The two Public Relations agencies that are combining their services to offer a helping hand to businesses in need are Pure PR, based in Nantwich in Cheshire; and Bryher Business Partnership, based in Winsford. These agencies have created a package called ‘Beat the Slowdown’ which aims to offer advice on how to create a buzz about a brand and how to make a business be seen in a positive light in both the eyes of the media and potential clients.

The founders of the package say:

“When trade slows down smaller companies tend to pull in their belts, cut their costs and cross their fingers in hope of surviving the bad times. However, maintaining brand awareness is crucial whatever size your business. And the right positive publicity can achieve that as well as attracting new clients and customers. That’s why we have come up with our ‘Beat the Slowdown’ deal.”

The Beat the Slowdown package will feature advice on how to create engaging and effective written and printed communications. A large part of engaging customers relies on the ability to produce concise and eye-catching printed brochures, catalogues, leaflets and posters. Some sound advice to companies looking to step into the world of promotional materials would be to use an established, professional and experienced local print company.

Crewe and south Cheshire businesses that wish to find out more about the Beat the Slowdown package can contact the agencies directly.