Printing companies in Crewe could benefit from new economic vision

January 23, 2011 by  

Cheshire East council is helping Crewe to beat the recession through a pioneering economic recovery and regeneration programme. The programme, titled Crewe Vision, is entering its final phase which is designed to help Crewe to play a key part in the economic growth of the North West of England. This could be great news for companies offering digital business cards in Crewe, as growing businesses need new promotional materials. Cheshire East council is keen to support the use of local businesses for services like digital business cards as this helps Crewe’s local economy.

The success of the Crewe Vision project has been hindered recently due to the economic downturn that has swept the country. This caused plans for the redevelopment of Crewe town centre to be postponed, however as the economy picks up, Crewe Vision looks set to resume its success. Part of the scheme’s achievements to date can be attributed to the fact that the council have been proactive in raising awareness of Crewe Vision, using websites alongside traditional printed materials to communicate their messages. It is advisable that local authorities use printing companies based in Crewe and the surrounding region to produce these marketing and communication materials to ensure that the right message is being sent out to local businesses. Using a larger internet based company could give the impression that Crewe Vision is not practicing what it has preached via its manifesto of growing and improving the local economy of Crewe.