Pos printing in Crewe

May 24, 2010 by  

Supermarkets in Crewe will soon be seeing a big in store push for Velvet toilet tissue, following the launch of their new ‘Campaign for Trees’. The Velvet campaign is to run across May and June and then later in October, and is to highlight Velvet toilet tissue’s environmental message that they plant three trees for every one that is used.

Velvet will also be distributing 250,000 tree saplings to try to encourage customers to join the Campaign For Trees and vote for areas that their partner charity, Trees For Cities, should plant the trees in. The campaign hopes to engage ethically minded consumers as well as grow the brand.

The massive £10m campaign will include a multitude of media from TV, online, print and PR with the new television ad, created by agency Fallon, featuring Velvet’s MD choosing areas for trees to be planted in a forest and then in a boardroom, telling staff that consumers should choose Velvet as it encourages more trees to be planted.

New packaging and point of sale in store activity will be vital to the new campaign. POS is the last message that consumers see before they make their purchase when they are faced with the myriad of brands on the supermarket aisles.

Other businesses looking to highlight their products in-store and looking for POS printing in Crewe can use large printing companies, but there are local printers in Crewe who may offer a more efficient and personal service.