Number of Community Support Officers cut despite savings on advertising

June 30, 2011 by  

Cheshire Police Authority is due to cut the number of Community Support Officers in Print company in Crewe printing services Crewe and the surrounding areas, despite making savings on advertising, overtime and transport.

The Police Authority in Cheshire has been challenged to make savings of £34.5m by 2015. This will mean cutting the number of police officers and Community Support Officers on the beat, despite already prudently managing their budgets and coming in at £6.6m under budget in the last financial year. These savings were made by reducing overtime and transport costs, as well as significantly reducing the amount spent on services such as advertising and photocopying.

In the current economic climate, many local businesses and organisations around Crewe are being faced with similar challenges and marketing budgets are often cut. Several organisations find that they receive better value from a local company offering full colour digital Print company in printing in Crewe printing services printing in Crewe as opposed to using a national company as they can tailor the work done to suit their budget.

Cheshire Police Authority appear to have already got their advertising and marketing spending under control and so are faced with the tough decision to reduce the number of people policing the streets.

The number of Community Support Officers will drop from 237 to 217 and there will be 62 empty positions previously occupied by police officers. Despite the cuts, there is some hope as Cheshire Police Authority have said they will look to actively recruit Community Support Officers if the numbers drop below 215 as a move to keep the streets safe.