North West gets full access to 3D printing thanks to printing company in Crewe

February 28, 2011 by  

A local printing company in Crewe has been named as an official reseller and distributor for a range of 3D colour printer. This innovative technology allows business to create three-dimensional CAD drawings of objects and then print these to produce actual physical objects. This new technology is already proving extremely useful to aerospace companies who wish to produce an example or prototype part without going through the process of fully manufacturing one. The company who will be dealing with this is Europac 3D, a company who specialise in 3D and industrial printing. This is exciting for other more traditional local printing companies in Crewe as it means the spotlight of the printing world will briefly rest upon the town, showing that this is a forward-thinking area when it comes to digital printing. Crewe is an area that has always relied on local printing companies to help promote the work and events of local businesses and organisations and advancements in technology are always quick to be embraced in order to deliver the best possible service to their customers.

A spokesman for Europac 3D said that he saw the movement into 3D printing as a ‘natural progression’ and that it would allow the company to ‘truly close the loop in the rapid prototyping process’. Whilst 3D printing is very different to traditional or digital printing, Crewe printing companies still see this as being a pioneering move that can only have positive repercussions for local printing companies in Crewe.