New walking route is a success

September 28, 2011 by  

A new leisure walk route in the Nantwich area has proved popular with both local residents and tourists, a recent survey has revealed.

The walk, titled the Nantwich Riverside Loop is three miles long and takes walkers around Nantwich. A recent survey has showed that 90 per cent of the walkers taking the new route would be open to trying new trails in future.

The Nantwich Riverside Loop walking route has been promoted via a leaflet that was published by Walk4Life, an organisation that promotes the health benefits of walking. The leaflet features a map and information on points of interest around the walk. Walk4Life has been able to communicate a large range of walking benefits alongside practical information by producing this communication using leaflet and flyer printing services.

Crewe, Nantwich and the surrounding Cheshire countryside is regarded as being particularly picturesque and suited to walking activities. The leaflet produced by Walk4Life encourages both residents and visitors to get out and enjoy the countryside for themselves, promoting exploration and gentle exercise.

Rod Menlove, who is a councillor for Cheshire East, said:

“The results show that circular routes, promoted via leaflets, encourage residents to go walking. Walking is a free activity that benefits people’s physical and mental health and results in a greater connection to the local environment.”

Both the council and organisations life Walk4Life are keen to promote walking as a way to increase health and wellbeing, especially as it is a free activity that is open to anyone who is able and willing to get out and about.

More details are available on the Walk4Life website.