Nantwich set to appoint town crier

October 31, 2011 by  

Nantwich Town Council is set to expand the range of ways it communicates with local residents by appointing a town crier.

The proposal to appoint a town crier was put forward by the Crewe and Nantwich rotary club to Nantwich Town Council in the hope that a crier would bolster the atmosphere of the town centre and give a much-needed boost to town trading. The town crier would make announcements, promote events and could even be used to promote special offers in local shops in an interesting additional to the usual promotional tools such as window displays and posters or leaflets produced using digital printing.

Crewe Chronicle recently reported on the potential appointment of the new town crier, with Councillor Arthur Moran is the mayor of Nantwich saying:

“Having lived in Nantwich when we had the last town crier this looks as though it’s a welcome return to that era”

The job of Town Crier looks set to go to John Parsons, who applied along with other potential candidates back in August this year. Nantwich has been without a town crier for 15 years and the last person to do this job was Tom Clarkson, who was very popular as town crier by all accounts.

John Parsons was formerly the mayor of Kidsgrove and is a member of the Kidsgrove rotary club, so his past experience in similar circles stands him in good stead for the role of town crier. His appointment is expected to be confirmed shortly.