Good resource planning important for Crewe printers

March 13, 2010 by  

There is a good mix of printing companies around Crewe. Customers can easily find a brochure printer, or even a large packaging print firm. There is one thing which is important to all printing companies in Crewe, regardless of size or specialism; this is efficient use of resources.

A good example of effective resource planning can be found at Benson Group’s Medica Packaging facility in Crewe. Benson Group is a large UK, family owned, packaging print company with a turnover of £90 million. The company has used Epicor, enterprise resource planning and scheduling software, for nearly ten years. The company say that the use of ERP software has allowed the business to grow rapidly whilst making the most efficient use of its manufacturing facilities.

When the company first used ERP they had a turnover of £10 million and this represented a considerable investment for the size of the firm at this time. Mr. Andrew Benson, chairman, had the foresight to see that it would be good for the business. IT manager, Mr. Phil Towersey said:

“As the business has grown and new processes have come on board, Epicor has grown with us, but without the need for additional admin headcount. Our accounts team is the same size as it was in 2001, and we have four IT staff for a £90m business with four sites.”

The original investment appears to have been more than justified. The efficient use of resources has clearly been a major factor in the growth of this printing company.