Crewe printers could ride out second recession in 2010

January 19, 2010 by  

A printing company in Crewe has added an on-line facility and is continuing to tackle a bad economic situation, for the second time. The Printing House (TPH) streamlined their business in 2009 after two of the company’s stakeholders sold out to the other two directors, Peter Harrison and Paul Springthorpe.

The company looked to improve long term efficiencies and cut costs as they moved forwards. They invested in Heidelberg Suprasetter technology.

Mr. Harrison said:

“There will not be any obvious changes, although we will probably have a different style to the previous regime. We want to make sure everything is perfect right up until delivery.”

THP has their own design agency and they operate two five-colour B2 Sakurai machines and a B3 single-colour Sakurai press. Traditionally, the company catered for mostly local clients looking for printing services in Crewe, but the on-line presence now means their customer base is nationwide. The Crewe print company has been around for over 17 years. It was established when the economy was recovering from the last property crash. They survived that time by “investing in people and technology to make print buying efficient and cost-effective.

The Crewe printing company is continuing to grow their business during tough times, once again, with a turnover of over £2.5M. The on-line facility has clearly made a good contribution to its business portfolio. This would seem like a little bit of optimism which may indicate an improvement in the economic situation during 2010.