Cheshire website offers tips to Freelance creative workers

August 23, 2011 by  

Cheshire-based magazine Creative Boom has published an article giving helpful tips to freelance workers and small businesses in the creative industries.

The article was written by Katy Cowan who runs Creative Boom alongside her own business, a PR company called Boomerang. In the article, Cowan offers solutions to ten common problems that freelancers or small business owners may face when trying to get work, maintain a steady income and keep their work life balance healthy.

Cowan said the list had been compiled to ensure that freelancers and small business owners stay happy whilst and enjoying running a business. The tips are meant to give freelancers the inspiration to overcome these common issues. One of the main issues facing self-employed people – especially in the creative industries such as advertising, marketing and design – is that there is often a lot of competition from other freelancers. Cowan says:

“Make sure you go to local networking events. Be friendly, go without expectations and armed with business cards. Just because people use another freelancer, it doesn’t mean they’ll stick with them forever.”

Business card printing in Crewe and the wider Cheshire area is easy to arrange and is becoming increasingly affordable, thanks to the numbers of print shops offering a business card printing service. Whereas in the past an exchange of email addresses may have sufficed, agencies and companies who hire freelance workers expect them to be just as professional and business-like as any other person they might employ. Being prepared is half the battle when it comes to Freelance.

The full article from Creative Boom can be found on their website.