Cheshire print company growing

December 7, 2009 by  

Are you in business in Cheshire, for example, a printing company in Crew? In this time of recession it is very encouraging to hear that it is possible to expand your print business. Private company, Everydayprint, originally based in Adlington, moved to a new 464sqm premises in 2008 in Macclesfield. The company was started only seven years ago but ongoing turnover growth fuelled the need for expansion.

This company has achieved average annual growth figures of 30-40%, year on year. However, it didn’t stop there. Managing director Jason Walker said:

we plan to grow much larger in the next four to five years

Clearly, the company is successful in attracting new business. According to Mr. Walker

A lot of it is down to the way we conduct our business and the ethics we instill in our staff

An effective staff training program is becoming increasingly important to companies, especially in difficult times. The print industry has always been highly competitive. With new technologies and having to react quickly, constant innovation has always driven the industry forwards. This company has made significant investment in new equipment adding, a Watkiss booklet marker, automatic business card cutter, large format laminating machine, and new finishing equipment.

Successful expansion also means more jobs, helping the overall economy. So, if you are offering general services, such as business card printing or brochure printing, it might be beneficial to your business to take a closer look at this company’s business model.