Award for Crewe consultancy company

February 9, 2010 by  

Some small businesses around Crewe, for example, stationery and business card printers, may have used a consultancy company to improve efficiency and increase their profitability. There may be others considering using such service as they seek ways to improve their business during this tough economic climate. They would obviously want to use a consultancy firm who consistently achieve good results for their clients.

There is a consultancy company in Crewe, Value Stream Innovation (VSI), who has recently won an industry award for its success in working with small businesses. The company won the Sage Manufacturing Business Partner of the Year award. VSI works with companies to implement effective, cost-saving IT strategies. Their focus is to advise clients on how to cut costs. Mr. Richard Jarvis, the managing director, said:

“In the current economic climate, manufacturers must reduce waste to survive. Developing efficient processes will put them in a position to drive future growth without having to increase overheads.”

Businesses in the print industry, including the stationery print firm in Crewe, have to react quickly due to constant technical innovation, for example, the increasing influence of advances in digital printing machinery. New investment is a major decision, especially for the smaller companies. Becoming super efficient and cutting costs could help make significant investment in new kit a justifiable decision.

Printing companies in Crewe who are considering working with a consultancy company can be reassured that they have a good local firm.