Always print spares

June 29, 2010 by  

Posters have been defaced or even torn down in areas of East London, in what appears to be a targeted campaign against billboard posters and bus shelter posters depicting swimwear.

Posters for swimwear brands such as Sea Folly, and also advertisements for bikinis for the high street store H&M, have been defaced with black paint covering the faces and bodies of the models used in the poster advertisements. Bus shelter posters are at street level and so are easily accessible and targeted by the offenders with black paint, but the Sea Folly posters were on billboards and have simply been torn down leaving only shreds of paper.

Police have not identified these acts as coming from a particular religious group but it has been commented that the use of black paint is reminiscent of similar acts of graffiti carried out on billboards in Pakistan where objection was taken to advertisements depicting women’s faces uncovered. Some believe that this depiction is un-Islamic. The London Evening Standard however quotes Avedon Carol from the group ‘Feminists against Censorship’ who said that notion that using a sexy image of a woman “spreads all sorts of horribleness” is anti-women and reactionary.

Posters, being in the public domain, do have the ability to create a strong reaction with their messages. This issue also highlights the need for printing spares when running a poster campaign as outdoor advertising is a physical medium and open to the elements. A good printing company in Crewe or in your local area will advise on costs to print additional posters.