Theatre group celebrates 80th anniversary

October 10, 2010 by  

Coventry’s amateur theatre group, the Wheatsheaf Players, celebrated 80 years of successful performances with a party at the Co-operative Theatre in Wyken. The Co-operative Theatre has been the Player’s venue for 30 years, so the party served as a double celebration as they marked both anniversaries and years of great performances with a very nostalgic celebration.

Current members contacted as many past members as they could find and found that people were prepared to travel from far afield to come back, reminisce and reconnect with their former theatre group. The current members put on a murder spoof performance involving lines from several of their past performances and plays over the years, calling the performance “Are you being blithely murdered to death at the Wheatsheaf Hollow?”

As well as celebrating their anniversaries, it appeared to be a celebration of the printing services in Coventry as the amateur group dug out past posters from the shows over the years and old programmes from productions gone by to post on the theatre walls for attendees to read and reminisce over.

Heather Evans, the current artistic director at Wheatsheaf Players, said they had even gone through old newspapers articles about the group and reviews of performances to unearth interesting newspaper pieces.

The amateur group started in 1930 and moved to the Co-operative Theatre in 1980. In its long career has put on productions of many famous plays by Shakespeare, Willy Russell and Lewis Carroll. The company now also runs a successful group for young performers.