Students offered chance to win £1,000 to help promote digital printing at Coventry University

February 9, 2011 by  

Students at Coventry University have been offered a chance to win £1,000 towards their tuition fees by technology company Brother. The competition is part of an initiative for Brother to promote the need for university students to have access to scanning, copying and digital printing facilities. Coventry students wishing to enter the competition can do so by producing a design for a university layout, showing the different areas and how these areas would use printing, scanning and copying. The closing date for the competition is 6th May 2011 and full details are on the Brother official website. This competition will no doubt generate significant interest from students not only because of the cash prize but also because it gives students the opportunity to put their ideas forward in terms of university set-up and access to digital printing services. Coventry University students often use local printing companies who provide brochure and catalogue printing as a way to print out lengthy dissertations or essays in a professional manner and this elevated form of presentation gives them the opportunity to impress tutors and professors and to hopefully increase their chance of obtaining a good mark for their work.

Local printing companies offering booklet, brochure or catalogue printing in Coventry will welcome the Brother promotional competition as it is a way to show that print is still extremely relevant in education in an age where digital technology is increasingly used.