Residents urged to cooperate with police to combat burglaries

November 12, 2010 by  

Police officers are turning to firms specialising in flyer printing in Coventry as they launch a new campaign to reduce the number of burglaries during the winter months. Over 1,000 printed leaflets have been delivered in the neighbourhood requesting information from residents to help combat the number of burglaries that occur in this area, which usually increases during the darker nights of the winter period.
The police are taking a pro-active stance and are asking residents for their help to try to reduce the number of break-ins in the Binley and Willenhall areas of Coventry. Help from the community is seen as vital in helping to tackle crimes like these and however small or insignificant a piece of information may seem to a resident in the area, police are asking for their help as it may turn out to be the missing piece of their jigsaw when solving crimes.

A similar approach was taken in the Westwood area of Coventry last year, and was deemed a success as crime rates were reduced and have continued to stay low as a result of police action along these lines. Plain clothes police officers will also be on patrol in the area and will be on alert for any suspicious activity. As well as asking for their cooperation, police are also asking residents to be vigilant in keeping their homes secure by locking the windows in their homes following a spate of burglaries where homes were accessed through small open windows.