Posters warn beggars

August 10, 2010 by  

Print companies in Coventry have assisted with the local police’s latest campaign to crack down on beggars in the city centre. Printed posters are to be displayed around the city to announce to people that Coventry will have a zero tolerance approach in the centre to begging.

Police will also be going undercover to try to rid the city centre of beggars. This comes after they have seen a surge in beggars approaching passersby in Coventry and demanding they give them money. The undercover operation will be concentrated on problem areas in the city and any offenders may be arrested. The posters are to serve as a reminder that begging in the city will not be tolerated as it seems that begging methods to obtain money from passersby have become more extreme.

Those responsible for begging can only really be charged if the police can produce actual evidence that they have asked someone for money or if one of their covert police officers is actually approached themselves. Those sleeping rough in the city were felt to sometimes be the main offenders and it has been said that should these offenders approach the undercover officers, they will arrest them but then direct them to the appropriate services for the homeless that can offer them help and support. It is hoped that these combined efforts will stamp out the problem in the area but also give help to those who really need it by breaking their cycle of behaviour and providing vital support.