Posters and postcards target hate crime

July 23, 2010 by  

The services of printing companies in Coventry will be required as the Department of Education launches a new campaign in the area targeting young people. The campaign is using printed posters and postcards to target young people to encourage them to report any hate crime that they see or experience in the area. The campaign is called “Coventry is saying no to Hate Crime – do not suffer in silence” and it is hoped that it will encourage people not to keep these crimes to themselves and to make sure that they are reported to the authorities.

Communicating to young people is especially important as they are often the victims of these kinds of hate crimes. Hate crime can include a number of actions, including harassment, verbal abuse, threats, offensive mail or graffiti, as well as actual physical assaults. The printed posters and postcards will feature local celebrities, including DJ Paul Morrell and various sportsmen from the Coventry Blaze ice hockey team, Coventry Crusaders basketball team and the Coventry Rugby Club. They have provided quotes and comments to be included on the printed publicity material to support the campaign.

A brand new text message service will also be launched to encourage young people to report the crimes as this is often the way that young people communicate. The facility was something that the young people in particular had asked for as they often do not know that they can report such things or how to go about reporting crimes like this.