Pharmacists to dispense healthy tips to mums-to-be

October 6, 2010 by  

A new initiative has been launched across pharmacies in Coventry to give potential mums to be advice on planning their pregnancies. In a scheme run by the NHS, Coventry pharmacists have signed up to the ‘Pre-conception care’ campaign which is to help would be parents plan the healthiest pregnancy they can. The NHS scheme is part of the council’s Coventry Health Improvement plan and hopes to provide those who are planning a baby with the information that they need for a healthy pregnancy.

It will also offer more expert advice to those who might be in need of it. The health advice refers to before and after pregnancy and not just for women who are already pregnant. It is believed that healthier lifestyles all round, including fathers to be, will benefit the child.

Companies who offer pos printing in Coventry and poster printing in the area will have contributed to the success of the campaign as pharmacies across the area will be stocked with cards at the counter including information about healthier eating and the importance of exercising. Posters will be displayed in pharmacies sign posting tips on giving a baby the best possible start in life and information with regards to stop smoking facilities or alcohol support.

Pharmacies are felt to be an ideal place to get this campaign message across due to the large numbers who pass through their doors in the city and the role of a community pharmacist in daily life in terms of advising women on products on a day to day basis.