News and magazine printing operation set to open in Birmingham

March 14, 2012 by  

A new wholesale and printing site is set to open up in Birmingham to supply books, magazines and newspapers via a nationwide supply chain.

Smiths News, the company responsible for printing and distributing printed books, magazines and newspapers to both independent and chain retailers, recently announced that a new depot would be opening in Birmingham, which is due to incorporate existing depots that deal with distribution and printing in Coventry, Redditch and Birmingham.

Following the advent of e-readers and tablet PCs that have threatened to dent the output of printing companies in South Birmingham, the announcement of this new depot is great news for the printing industry and companies that offer traditional and digital printing.

Coventry and Birmingham are locations that have witnessed significant regeneration thanks to businesses relocating to these areas. The announcement that Smiths News is about to concentrate printing, production and distribution in the midlands and not move the operation elsewhere is another positive move.

Smiths News Chief Executive Mark Cashmore recently spoke to The Drum about the decision to open the new plant, saying:

“Once fully operational the new Birmingham depot will be a world class facility, capable of the highest standards of service and efficiency. The investment further demonstrates our industry leadership and commitment to the long term future of the newspaper and magazine supply chain.”

When it opens, the new operation will provide full colour printing and distribution and will employ around 160 members of staff. The new site for distribution and printing will create over two million newspapers and over one million magazines every week.