New Year’s resolutions are sparked by poster printing in Coventry

January 7, 2012 by  

Three people have lost a grand total of 15 stone after seeing a poster advertising a local slimming club.

The trio, from Coundon in Coventry saw the poster for the slimming club in a local florists and decided to join together to help them stick to their weight-loss goals. Neil Harvey joined the club alongside his sister Lynne and his finance Trish in a bid to shed the pounds. Neil spoke to the Coventry Telegraph about what sparked the idea to join the club, saying:

“It started when we were in my sister’s florist’s shop and saw a Slimming World poster which really inspired my partner Trish to join. After a moment’s thought I said ‘I’ll come with you’.”

Neil is now starting the New Year as almost half the man he used to be after losing an amazing six stone. His fiancée lost two stone and his sister Lynne took the gold, losing almost seven stone in total.

He is now hoping that similar posters will inspire others to follow the path that he has taken, as he is currently advertising his own slimming club that he will run at Coundon Social Club throughout 2012. Posters can be produced efficiently and inexpensively using local print companies in Coventry that offer digital printing. Coventry-based Neil is set to start the New Year feeling and looking better than ever thanks to the poster he saw last year. He told the Coventry Telegraph:

“I’ve found a new way of life.”