New book released by Coventry Writers’ group

November 26, 2011 by  

A writing group in Print company in Coventry printing services Coventry is finally seeing its work in print after 40 years of meeting.

Coventry Writers’ Group has been meeting for 40 years and only recently did they get their first taste of working with publishing and Print company in printing companies printing services printing companies. Coventry Writers’ Group collated the work which features 20 poems and short stories about the west midlands and produced an anthology which has recently been published.

Contributors to the anthology range from people enjoying their retirement to children who are still in school, but all of them share a common passion for Print company in reading printing services reading and writing literature. The book is called Coventry Tales and was compiled after the writing group ran a competition to find material to fill it.

Many book clubs and writers groups around the country are putting together similar works and with the help of publishers of even local Print company in print companies printing services print companies, they are finally seeing their work on the page in black and white. Ann Evans is a published author of children’s books and a contributor to Coventry Writers’ Group. She commented on Coventry Tales, saying:

“This is a lovely joint venture and I think it’s brilliant for the people in the group who haven’t had anything else published. It’s a lovely start for them. My writing career was a hobby to start with but is now more a way of life. I hope it’s the encouragement they need to go on. The smallest little thing you can get published can really spur you on to do a lot more great things.”