New advertising regulations announced for London 2012 Olympics

December 15, 2011 by  

Advertising and promotional restrictions and rules have been announced by the organisations behind the London 2012 Olympic Games, which will affect businesses across the country.

The rules are designed to restrict the sales of unauthorised merchandise and to prevent footfall routes on the way to Olympic venues from being cluttered with marketing literature. This is not just with regards to the area around the Olympic Village in London, however. It will also affect 27 areas around the country that are being referred to as ‘event zones.’ These event zones are any sporting venue that is hosting an Olympic event and businesses around these zones will need to ensure that any marketing activity that they undertake is compliant with Olympic rules. This includes banner, poster and flyer printing.

Coventry Stadium is set to play host to some Olympic events and so the area around the stadium will fall into the ‘event zone’. The London 2012 website says that permission will need to be sought for outdoor billboard and poster advertising and that distributing marketing literature such as leaflets will not be permitted in an event zone.

This news may come as a blow to traders who have been hoping that the Olympics would deliver an opportunity to reach new customers and boost sales after what has been a tough trading time. A spokesperson for the Olympic Games commented on this, saying:

“The regulations strike a good balance between allowing businesses near venues to trade as normal throughout the Games and what we term ambush marketing. Without our sponsors who invest huge sums of money, the Games simply wouldn’t happen and we want to protect their association with London 2012. These regulations allow us to do this in a practical and pragmatic way, whilst allowing existing businesses in the area to continue trading normally throughout the Games.”