Music venue to open in Coventry

January 7, 2019 by  

A venue for classical music is set to open in Coventry during the summer of 2020.

Coventry’s Drapers’ Hall will be transformed by an investment exceeding £5 million. The local council has been looking after a disused building for two decades.

The Historic Coventry Trust (HCT) is leading the project. In-house architects from The Prince’s Foundation have devised detailed plans for the proposed restoration. Sensitivity will be important because the interior of the historical hall is remarkable. The chair of the HCT, Ian Harrabin, told the Coventry Telegraph:

“Achieving planning consent is a big step forwards and we are very pleased with the design and professional management support we have received from The Prince’s Foundation. I can’t thank them enough – we simply wouldn’t have achieved this without them.”

Harrabin made clear that there is a need to raise more funds to turn the vision into a reality. However, he is optimistic that the scheme can be completed on schedule.

Councillor Jim O’Boyle is looking forward to discovering what the finished hall will look like as he was responsible for the decision to transfer the property. When commercial building work is completed, brochure printing is often used to showcase the project to the public.

Nicola Dyer, a top project manager for The Prince’s Foundation, is bullish about what has been achieved do far. She underlined how partnership working has been pivotal in securing positive outcomes. In April, contractors should start work.