Leaflets used to raise awareness of public transport cuts

February 20, 2012 by  

Travellers at Coventry railway station were recently targeted with leaflets designed to raise awareness of proposed cuts to public transport.

Leaflets were given out by members of a rail workers’ union to bring to light several proposed cuts to the rail network throughout the UK. These cuts would see train stations and ticket booths being closed down across the country, potentially putting many jobs at risk.

The cuts were outlined in a document called the McNulty report, an independently-produced document which was produced at the request of the Secretary of State for Transport. The original objective of the report was to find out where possible opportunities or stumbling blocks may be when it comes to giving rail customers throughout the UK better value for money.

The leaflets given out at Coventry railway station were designed to highlight the fact that the report had been commissioned, and whilst the objective is set out as bringing better value to travellers, this may come at the expense of rail services and jobs. One of the union members who handed out the flyers said:

“Up and down the country a large number of stations are at risk. Coventry may be safe for the foreseeable future but Berkswell, which had £1million spent on it, could be closed.”

Targeting rail users with leaflets produced using flyer printing means that Coventry’s commuters and travellers are aware of the cuts and can, if they feel the urge, take action against them.