Funding for flyer printing pulled for Coventry Canal Basin Arts Fair

June 14, 2011 by  

A local arts fair went ahead again recently after a two-month hiatus, despite local funding for Print company in flyer printing printing services flyer printing being pulled.

Print company in Coventry printing services Coventry art fair is run by local gallery owner Emma O’Brien who manages the Lock Gallery in Coventry Canal Basin. The fair is designed to showcase the work of local artists and crafts people, who can also sell their work at the event.

The arts fair previously ran quarterly, which meant a big advertising push was needed each time the fair came around. One of the main channels of advertising for the arts fair was flyer Print company in printing printing services printing. Coventry Council originally supplied funding for this printing but with recent government cuts, the funding has been withdrawn, along with the equipment that they originally supplied to the gallery. The arts fair is now held monthly and it is hoped that by holding it on a regular basis, it will gain its own following and enthusiasm for it will grow from month to month, negating the need for costly marketing campaigns.

Despite these cutbacks, organiser Emma O’Brien said:

“But it’s absolutely worth reviving. A lot of people said they’re unhappy not to be able to sell at the fair. It’s a great way for local artists to sell their work without having to get shop space.”

Coventry arts fair makes a valuable contribution to the community and there are several ways that the organisers could look to save money when promoting it. For example, by speaking to a local flyer Print company in printing company printing services printing company, Coventry arts fair could agree a bespoke printing solution that was tailored to both their needs and their budget.