Business event in Coventry is set to give entrepreneurs a boost

April 18, 2012 by  

A business networking event is due to be held in Coventry, offering local businesses the chance to meet and make contacts, as well as offering a number of seminars designed to build entrepreneurial skills.

Coventry Telegraph is working in association with the Federation of Small Businesses and the Belgrade Theatre to host the two-day networking event, which is aimed at business to business companies. The event is called B2B Expo 2012 and is due to be held on the 21st and 22nd May at the Belgrade Theatre in Coventry. It will feature talks, seminars and workshops on subjects such as finance and social media. There will also be a number of networking events, to which delegates are advised to bring digital business cards.

Coventry Telegraph’s director of advertising sales spoke about the B2B Expo, saying:

“We at the Coventry Telegraph pride ourselves in bringing communities together and this is a positive outlook for the city, encouraging small companies to come together to network and share their services and goods keeping business really local.”

The event should offer small businesses the chance to build up contacts and forge strong business relationships to help them to prosper. Networking events like this are filled with chances to meet people who could further the progress of a firm, so it pays to invest in business card printing before Coventry’s B2B Expo 2012.

Tickets for the event can be obtained from the B2B Expo website.