Booklet printing error causes uproar for poetry fans

October 26, 2011 by  

There has been an outcry from poetry fans after a booklet was printed with some key facts printed incorrectly.

The tourism booklet, designed to showcase famous residents of East Yorkshire, claimed the poet Philip Larkin was born in Hull. Larkin was actually born in Coventry. Mistakes are commonplace in a range of printed documents but these can be easily avoided with a thorough proofreading process prior to arranging services like full colour printing.

Coventry was overlooked as the place of Larkin’s birth, but the other mistake showed Philip Larkin’s first name misspelled as ‘Phillip’ with a double L instead of a single one. The mistake occurred in a section of the booklet called ‘10 things you didn’t know’ and read as:

“World famous poet Phillip Larkin was born in Hull.”

Larkin, who died in 1985 was regarded as one of the most influential poets of the last century and he has legions of devoted fans. The vice-chairman of the Philip Larkin society told the Yorkshire Post:

“It’s great to see a booklet like that and have something about Larkin in 10 things you didn’t know. I thought this is good, but I felt like screaming when I saw it.”

The booklet was published by Kingfisher Media who have yet to comment on the error. A publisher would be expected to spot such mistakes before going to print, but when smaller organisations are self-publishing using local print shops, it is up to them to check their documents thoroughly for errors.