Banners help in protest against travellers

September 18, 2010 by  

Companies offering Print company in banner printing in Coventry printing services banner printing in Coventry could have helped a group of campaigning villagers from the area create the materials to take their campaign message right to the very top. Campaigners from Print company in Coventry printing services Coventry are armed with banners to take to the Court of Human Rights and the European Parliament in Strasbourg to make their feelings known about a dispute over a gypsy camp on land in the area. Earlier in the year a group of gypsies and their families made an attempt to set up camp on land at Meriden on Eaves Green in the Coventry area. The villagers protested and have been locked in a dispute ever since in an attempt to fight the camp on this green belt patch of land.

Now, up to thirty representatives from the village are taking a coach and making a five day trip to lobby and to make their feelings known to the European lawmakers. The travellers made an attempt to set up permanent camp in the area with a planning application to Solihull Council but the Council rejected their application. However, the travellers made an appeal on this decision and, as a result, villagers have been keeping a vigil over the area for several months. The villagers visit to Strasbourg will see them unveiling their banners carrying the message ‘Protect the Meriden Gap’ outside the European Parliament buildings and they will try to get across their message of protest against what they see as inappropriate development of the countryside and a green belt area.