Advertising push for NHS Coventry

June 6, 2010 by  

Companies offering banner printing Coventry should get a boost as the NHS in Coventry is aiming to run a large scale campaign to raise awareness of oral health and the benefits of oral hygiene.

As a tie in with the Smile Month campaign that starts on the 16th June, and is run by the British Dental Health Foundation nationwide, NHS Coventry is launching their Broader Beams and Wider Smiles campaign. Both aim to raise the standards of oral health either nationally or in the local area.

NHS Coventry’s campaign will also aim to encourage people who do not feel that they can afford good dental care to come forward and get the treatment that they want or need from the NHS. The campaign will target a broad range of people with the scheme aiming to connect with up to 42,000 households in the area, and also homeless people in the area. It will educate the community about oral health and give them the information they need to make sure that they can find and register with an NHS dentist.

The broadcast campaign will run across various media such as newspapers, but also banners and posters plastered across Coventry – including on buses, shop windows and at dentists themselves, all providing messages about their local NHS dental services and encouraging people to make the most of what is on offer to them. There will be information packs available to give further detail on free dental care for under 18s, pregnant women and those on jobseeker’s allowance.