Scottish Water shares information with Coatbridge residents via drop-in session

February 2, 2011 by  

Residents of Coatbridge recently got the chance to air their views to Scottish Water and to get more information on planned changes to the area’s water services in a session held at a local primary school recently. Scottish Water is proposing improvements to the drainage and sewerage system of the town following flooding of some key locations of it, including the area surrounding the train station. Residents were encouraged to come along to the session for more information which was given both face to face and via materials that had been produced using digital printing. Coatbridge residents largely welcomed the information and the drop in session is being heralded as a successful communications event by Scottish Water. Flyer printing in Coatbridge has always been an effective way of communicating messages to local residents and Scottish Water appear to have taken this on board to ensure their event ran smoothly.

The plans that were outlined in the recent Scottish Water session were centred on plans to build a new storm drain by tunnelling underground to minimise disruption and to reduce the risk of flooding in future. By producing promotional leaflets using services like flyer printing, Coatbridge residents felt reassured by Scottish water that this approach was the right one to take.

As well as utility companies like Scottish Water, many other local businesses use flyer printing to convey messages to Coatbridge residents as this is often the most cost-effective way of getting across a detailed message with the right amount of impact.