Point of sale promotes Miller

September 16, 2010 by  

Shoppers frequenting off licences around Scotland in areas such as Coatbridge may feel the pull to purchase Miller Genuine Draft as the brand increases its off trade point of sale presence in local stores around the area. Miller Genuine Draft is looking to launch a real heavyweight advertising campaign across Scotland that will focus creatively on a message surrounding the brewing process of Miller. Companies who offer pos printing in Coatbridge and other areas around Glasgow no doubt will also have been involved in the production of point of sale materials that will feature in pubs and bars around the area in order to prompt purchase and encourage revellers to try the Miller brand when they are socialising on nights out.

Miller Genuine Draft has a process whereby the beer is cold filtered four times and the new campaign will attempt to bring this to life in very innovative ways aside from point of sale support. Music gigs under the name of ‘Miller Filtered Music’ will be staged to support the campaign and the events will aim to reflect this filtered theme with bands performing their gigs live and ‘stripped back’. Rock band The Doves are performing a sell out gig in Glasgow to kick off this part of the campaign, and tickets are said to have sold out for their performance within a day. The campaign will also include banner printing as well as online activity such as a Facebook page and innovative formats such as digital advertising to bring the brand to life.