Over 500 years of printing industry in Scotland

February 24, 2010 by  

If you are looking for Print company in business card printing in Coatbridge printing services business card printing in Coatbridge you will more than likely be able to find it locally. For example, the Print company in printing company printing services printing company Pettigrew, Alex, Ltd., who are situated in Main Street offers Print company in business cards printing services business cards and Print company in stationery printing in Coatbridge printing services stationery printing in Coatbridge. There are also many other Print company in print companies printing services print companies to choose from around the Print company in Glasgow printing services Glasgow region. This is perhaps not surprising as the Scottish Print company in printing printing services printing industry stretches back over 500 years.

The first printing company was started up by Androw Myllar and his partner Walter Chepman. They set up their first press in Print company in Edinburgh printing services Edinburgh in 1507, and their first prints were produced in1508, a fact which was celebrated in a publication in 2008 which was produced by The Scottish Printing Archival Trust celebrating 500 years of printing in Scotland.

The aim of the trust is to make information related to the history of the Scottish printing industry available to anyone who is interested. The trust archives Information on Scottish Print company in printing companies printing services printing companies, Employer and trade union organisation, printed products associated with Scotland and the links associated with book and newspaper printing.

The Archival Trust is interested in hearing from people with articles which have historic Scottish printing industry relevance, whether they come from current printing companies or those no longer in businesses. If you have any interesting anecdotes or stories relating to the history of the print industry they would very much like to hear from you.