North Lanarkshire promoting local outdoor advertising

April 2, 2011 by  

North Lanarkshire Council is currently running a drive via their website to encourage local businesses to sign up to their roundabout advertising programme.

This sort of local advertising involves promoting businesses on the side of roundabouts in the area; motorists notice the signs as they drive along and it can show the firm in a good lightt. This is a form of advertising that is proven to work, but as the dwell time that viewers spend looking at the advertisements is so short and as the advertisements themselves can often be quite small in size, the effectiveness of this kind of advertising is often debated. Another form of outdoor display advertising that is proven to raise awareness of a business is banner printing.

Coatbridge in North Lanarkshire and other areas nearby are home to a number of local businesses that could benefit from outdoor banner advertising. This kind of advertising is referred to as out-of-home advertising and is an eye-catching method of shouting about businesses or services.

In other news, a recent report from advertising giants Clear Channel states that out-of-home advertising offers businesses the opportunity to project messages about their business and target this to a specific geographic location as they have control over where banners are hung.

Clear Channel also praises out-of-home advertising by citing the broad range of people who see it, whilst still being able to carry a targeted message. These points would certainly be worth considering for anyone thinking about promoting their business using banner printing in Coatbridge. The local council is currently offering some good initiatives for advertising through them but there are several other options open to local businesses.